Saninet Tiles

Missing a tile? With Saninet Tiles you can easily expand your catalogue. Simply add a picture and the dimensions to your own tile library.

  • Keep best-selling tiles at your fingertips
  • Address customer’s unique tile requests
  • Digitize your tile displays and streamline your physical inventory

Saninet Note

Get an instant overview of the products in your 3D drawing with Saninet Note. At the push of a button, you have a list of parts with part numbers to place your orders.

  • Get an instant overview of the products in your 3D drawing
  • Generate a list of parts and part numbers at the push of a button, so that you can easily place your order
  • Easily place an order with the manufacturer through your ERP system

Saninet SIMS

Send your design directly to SIMS with Saninet SIMS. Put all required data in the right place to complete your sale smoothly and speedily.

  • Automate the bathroom design process from sale to installation
  • Convert your design into parts list, quote, installation order and invoice
  • Check margins, delivery times, payment terms and actual cost


More information?

Do you have questions about bathroom design with Saninet? Are you looking for support in using our software? We are happy to help.