Mosaic Tiles for your bathroom

We recently added a large number of tiles by The Mosaic Factory to Saninet. You can now use them in your new 3D bathroom design. In the tiling step in your design, you will find the Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Paris, Kasba, Sevilla, Valencia, Venice and Hexagon series by The Mosaic Factory.

The Mosaic Factory Tiles in Saninet

About The Mosaic Factory

UCI Ceramics International B.V., supplier of the Mosaic Factory tiles, has been active for over 30 years in the production and distribution of glass and ceramic mosaic products. All collections are produced according to a high standard. The products in The Mosaic Factory collection are sold in over 35 countries worldwide.
The Mosaic Factory’s mission is: make projects even more beautiful and unique by using affordable, high-quality mosaic tiles. They want their customers to succeed by closely following interior trends and offer collections that comply with these trends in shape, colour and material.