Extension of Lavigo range in Saninet

We recently added a large range of Lavigo products to Saninet. You can now use them in your new 3D bathroom design.
Amongst others, we added Barrea bathtubs, Kronos infrared panels, Led Line mirrors, Legato washbasins and Liam fountains.

Lavigo by Galvano models in Saninet

About Lavigo by Galvano

Lavigo is the private label collection by Galvano. It stands for a high price-quality level and customer experience. Lavigo not only refers to washing and baths, but the name also expresses elegance and character. After all, nowadays a bathroom revolves around comfort and experience.

This is why Lavigo supplies a complete range of products for any bathroom. The selection allows for a solid, functional basis with remarkable, eye-catching and stylish touches. The range consists of seven style concepts, with which you can create the most beautiful bathroom for any taste and any budget.