Italian design bath and shower taps

This week we added the Lagoo taps to Saninet.
The Lagoo range comprises Italian design bath and shower taps constructed with care and craftmanship. In the Saninet software, you will find the Como, Garcia and Nessa collections, all available in 7 different design colours.

Lagoo taps

About Lagoo

Quality is key at Lagoo, in everything they do.
Lagoo offers the best products, all produced with care and according to high standards. All Lagoo products are individually checked and tested. That’s why Lagoo offers a 7-year warranty on all of their products.

Lagoo’s style is best described as ‘hotel chic’. Luxury and elegance together create a relaxing atmosphere and experience. Every product is carefully selected to create that feeling of ultimate luxury. What’s more: all products are available in 7 different colours, to fit any bathroom style.