JEE-O Slimline and Cone Series

We recently extended the JEE-O library in Saninet with the Cone taps and the complete Slimline series. This allows you to use these JEE-O products in your customer’s bathroom design.

JEE-O Slimline and Cone series in Saninet

JEE-O’s Slimline Series

Slimline is a complete, timeless bathroom concept by JEE-O, available in 5 finishes. The series consists of showers, taps, baths, mirrors, toilets, basins and even accessories. You can create an entire bathroom design using Slimline products.

JEE-O’s Cone Series

The Cone series was designed by Osiris Hertman, according to his beliefs that we should be careful in our use of water, but we can still enjoy it. It is the perfect balance of playfulness and boldness. From a distance, the design seems elementary, but a closer look reveals unusual details and an elegant finish, expressing the craftsmanship Osiris always seeks in his designs. The conical shape, the basis for this series, can be found in the smallest details.

About JEE-O

JEE-O is refreshing and ambitious, exclusive and extrovert, tough and bold. All product lines are characterised by robust and powerful design, always distinctive in its simplicity. JEE-O creates products with tranquillity, peace and space for body and mind, always in an ambiance of functional luxury. JEE-O believes in the power of her designs. These are unique and energize the user to start a day. But also after a long day of working or sports the JEE-O products give you energy.
What makes JEE-O unique is the use of high quality materials, unique designs, products that are easy to care for and the reassurance of years of warranty.