IVY Taps by Sanibell

You can now find the IVY taps by Sanibell in Saninet. These durable, innovative bathroom taps are available in 4 different series: Bond, Pact, Concord and Tribe. Each series has their own character and style, to fit with any bathroom.

Sanibell Ivy taps

About IVY by Sanibell

IVY has 4 core values that are visible in all of their products: durability, advanced finishing, high-quality materials and innovative inserts. These values cannot only be found in the design of the taps, but also in the used materials and production methods. The taps are made of high quality brass, according to the standards of the Umweltsbundesamt, or of corrosion resistant stainless steel. Wear-resistant and permanent finishing techniques are used to improve the lifespan of the taps and to reduce environmental impact.

The story behind IVY

IVY includes all taps by Sanibell. In the dynamic bathroom tap market, Sanibell observed a rising demand for affordable and reliable models. This trend encouraged them to develop an innovative tap range. Building on their core belief that they are not followers, but leaders, Sanibell started researching, determined not to only set a trend, but to also create
a brand that stands out from the rest.

They took their time to create IVY. The creation demanded a deep understanding of the wishes and demands of many stakeholders: from sanitary specialists and interior designers to installers and consumers. Sanibell took their time to collect and analyze insights.
In the process they consulted experts in specific fields, which allowed them to combine proven methodologies with unique demands from the Dutch market. The result is IVY: a brand built on Dutch design qualities, enriched with international production knowledge and progressive innovations.