Moon Mirrors

The Moon Mirrors by H&R Badmeubelen are round mirrors with a straight bottom, dotless indirect lighting and heating which ensures that the mirror remains condens-free. You can find the mirror in three different sizes in our brand library.

H&R badmeubelen moon mirrors in Saninet

About H&R Badmeubelen

Trends and developments in the sanitary branch succeed eachother rapidly. Asymmetric settings, black matt, white matt, concrete look, steel frames, round mirrors… H&R has an enthusiastic team that is busy each day to map innovations and develop new ranges. Ever since the start H&R Badmeubelen has held on to their competitive advantage in personal contact and short lines of communication. They’ve grown a lot since the beginning, however, personal contact remains a key pillar. Responsiveness and thinking along with their clients, that is what H&R stands for. To make something beautiful out of each and every day.