LED-mirrors in all sorts of colours and sizes

Available now in Saninet: the LED-mirrors by the Dutch company HIPP-design! Choose between mirrors with LED-dimmers, mirror heating or a mirror cupboard, available in standard sizes or custom made to fit any bathroom.

HIPP-design LED-mirrors in Saninet

About HIPP-design

HIPP-design is a young and dynamic company that specializes in innovating, producing and importing LED mirrors and mirror cupboards. Apart from custom made mirrors and cupboards they offer a large range of LED mirrors and mirror cupboards in standard sizes. Quality and detail are their core principles, characterized by their own distinctive design.
The innovative LED mirrors by HIPP-design are not only durable and of high quality, but they’re also equipped with clever details and user-friendly features. The standard sizes all have a dimmable sensor or integrated toch-dimmer with colour adjustment and mirror heating. This latest, practical solution ensures that your LED mirror does not fog up, not even when you just got out of a hot shower!