Danish design taps by Damixa

The Danish brand Damixa designs taps and mixers with functionality, durability and timeless designs in mind. We have recently added the Silhouet Collection to the Saninet library, as well as the series Arc, Clover Green, Pine, Rowan and Tradition. You can now use all of them in any 3D bathroom design.

Damixa taps in Saninet

About Damixa

Damixa’s mission since 1932 has been to create timeless design combined with practical features and good workmanship. For them, good workmanship serves as the underlying basis for their approach that is deeply integrated into the way they think and develop their products. Damixa’s ambition is to create timeless design that makes life easier for everyone.

Damixa is part of Denmark’s cultural heritage. They have Danish roots and Danish traditions that permeate their products from the inside and out. Innovation is an integral part of their DNA, and their engineers are constantly working to develop, improve and optimise their products. For Damixa, a tap is not just a tap, and they always keep the environment, design and user-friendliness in mind when they develop new products. Their opinion is that sustainability is a shared responsibility, which is why Damixa’s mixers come with unique features such as Cold Start, Eco Save and Eco Click.

Damixa is known — and renowned — for their beautiful mixers that represent the acme of Danish design and quality. But they are just as preoccupied with what is inside: everything that cannot be seen by the consumers on the outside but is decisive for ensuring that the tap functions to the optimumr.