When the bathroom you are about to design does not have a standard shape, you’d best use the option ‘free shape’. This allows you to determine the positions, corners and lengths of all walls yourself. You can draw a free shape using your mouse, however it is much easier to use your keyboard.

To start drawing, click once with the left mousebutton in the drawing space. Drag the mouse a little in the direction you want the wall to go. Next, use your numeric keypad to enter the length of the wall. Press ‘enter’ to move to the next wall. Press an arrowbutton to determine the direction of the next wall and again enter the length of the wall using the numeric keypad. Press ‘enter’ again to move to the next wall and repeat for the next wall.

To close the last wall, use your mousebutton.

To draw a 45- or 135-degree corners, press two arrow buttons at the same time (in the right direction).

In the video below, we show you how to draw a free form.