SaniNet app

The SaniNet app can be used by consumers as well as profesionals.


With the SaniNet app consumers can:
  • choose from 200 objects
  • use tile boards
  • save 1 design
  • share the bathroom design on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Professionals can connect the SaniNet app with a SaniNet Easy license or subscription.
With the SaniNet app, and a license or subscription, you can:
  • use 60.000 bathroom objects
  • choose from 60 sanitary brands
  • use universal objects
  • Use My favorites from your computer
  • Use My tile boards from your computer
  • share bathroom designs on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • save 100 bathroom designs on the cloud
  • save pictures from your bathroom designs

SaniNet Easy subscription

Do you want to buy a subscription and use all functionalities
from a complete professional program, just click here.