Sanitary specialists, installers and interior designers, together with consumers, easily and quickly design the most beautiful bathrooms in 3D.
With more than 40,000 3D models from manufacturers, SaniNet Professional enables salespeople to directly translate ideas into designs and technical drawings.


Step 1: Determine the bathroom shape

Choose from different bathroom shapes
Insert exact measurements
Place pitched roofs
Create your own free forms*


Step 2: Furnish the bathroom

Place 3D elements in the bathroom
View the elements in 3D
Towing elements in the bathroom
Choose elements from the univeral library
Compile groups and save them as favorites*
Choose elements from the brand libraries*


Step 3: Tile the bathroom

Choose tiles from the universal library
Select from a list of patterns
Place horizontal or vertical strips
Place deco tiles
Adjust the joint colour and thickness
Choose tiles from the brand libraries*
Save tiles as your favorites*

Step 4: Experience the bathroom in 3D

Make a colour print
High graphic quality of the elements
Walk through the bathroom
Play animations by clicking on the elements
E-mail the 3D design to the customer


Step 5: make the technical drawing

Dimensions and technical drawing*
Technical symbols in the drawing*
Create multiple views*
Save templates*
Scaled views of the bathroom*

*These functionalities are part of SaniNet Professional.