System requirements SaniNet

- Processor: Pentium Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz or higher
- Internal memory: 2 Gb er more
- Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 and higher*
- Webbrowser: Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, FireFox
- Screen resolutions: 1280*1024, 32 Bit colors
- Graphics card: Nvidia PCI-E X16 512 Mb RAM or higher, DirectX 10 supported by hardware
*Note: SaniNet is not supported for Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows XP, 2000 and ME!

System requirements SaniNet - HD Viewer
The HD Viewer is part of SaniNet. To use this functionality, the computer must meet additional system requirements.
Minimum system requirements:
- Processor: Intel i3 processor or similar
- Internal memory: 4GB or higher
- Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
- Graphics card: 1GB memory or higher
Recommended system requirements:
- Processor: intel i5 processor or similar
- Internal memory: 8GB or higher
- Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
- Graphicscard: NVIDIA GTX560 or equivalent
System requirements for virtual reality
Virtual reality is possible with the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. Both must comply for proper operation:
- Processor: i5 4590 or AMD FX 8350 or higher
- Internal memory: 8GB or higher
- Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher
- Aansluitingen: Connections: 3x USB 3.0 and HDMI 1.3 (1.4 for HTC Vive)
For more information about the system requirements, please visit: of
System requirements SaniNet Viewer App
- When using Apple: iOS version 7 or later
- When using Android: Android version 4.4 or higher
Want to know more about the system requirements? Please contact us via or +31 (0)73 631 46 89.